The best prices
Dental implants:

Megagen AnyOne 420 €

Megagen AnyRidge € 420

Straumann BLX 600 €

PFM tooth € 120

Zirconium tooth € 180

Alveolar augmentation 80 €

Bone augmentation € 120

Sinus lift € 480
in 48 hours
The latest and most advanced techniques are used to give you the perfect treatment.
Replacing a tooth
Includes Megagen AnyRidge dental implant 420 €, arch impression 80 €, zirconium dental crown 180 €, final cementation 20 €
Warranty up to
25 years
We guarantee the success of our treatment and the medical devices used.
Complete dental arch restoration
Includes 4 x Megagen AnyRidge dental implant 4 x 420 €, arch impression 100 €, PFM bridge of 12 teeth 1440 €, final cementation 20 €
Patient support services
Treatment planning, trip planning, stay organization, customer support
Full mouth restoration
Includes 4 x Megagen AnyOne dental implant 4 x 420 €, 4 x Megagen AnyRidge dental implant 4 x 420 €, bimax impression 200 €, 2 x PFM bridge of 12 teeth 2880 €, final cementation 40 €

How to plan your treatment

Ask for a treatment plan
Send us your panoramic radiograph by e-mail ( or on Whatsapp (0040741264400) and tell us what you want. In the next 3-5 days you will receive a treatment plan according to your requirements.
Request an appointment for treatment
We will communicate the available data for the proposed treatment and we will fix, by mutual agreement, the exact dates for the treatment stay.
Integrated services for a worry-free treatment session
We will help you with tips and suggestions for purchasing travel tickets and booking the necessary accommodation units.

Clinica ImplantFix was designated, by its patients, through independent surveys, conducted by the portal, the best dental implant clinic, for 8 consecutive years, in the period 2011-2018: BEST CLINIC AWARD and is now rated 9.0 Outstanding the WhatClinic ServiceScore ™.


We make every effort to maintain the services provided to our patients to the highest quality standard and to ensure the most complete measures in combating the transmission of all pathogens in general and in particular, the control of COVID-19 infection.


Our permanent concern is to offer you the newest and most eligible treatments and treatment concepts in the field of oral rehabilitation with dental implants.


Thank you for your trust and we promise we will not disappoint you. Our task: adoption and adaptation to modern techniques, quality treatments and selection of the most reliable medical devices.



Are you ready to contact us?

Ask for a personalized treatment plan

Send your panoramic radiograph by email: or on Whatsapp: 0040741264400 and in the next 3-5 days you will receive a personalized treatment plan, which will include both the treatments to be performed and the costs or time work required.



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